Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable Supersy Live Defrag Multilanguage

Portable Supersy Live Defrag is a professional appliion designed to defragment your drives. The defragmentation process makes appliions run faster and ehances the eral performance of your computer.

Having a clned-up hard drive mns, for example, that appliions run faster and the copying of files as well as the opening of photos is accelerated. Supersy Live Defrag clns up fragmented hard s automatically and litly pauses as soon as other appliions need system resources.

Supersy Live Defrag is sy to use without complex settings. It starts its job automatically, if desired, and relieves you of all the work. You can customize the defragmentation by using a timer or setting a defragmentation task.
Here are some ftures of "Supersy Live Defrag":

· Defragmentation for program efficiency and speed
· Job Administration allows for individual defragmentation strategies
· Drive analysis
· Multiple configurable defrag Jobs
· Defrag Now mode for immediate defragmentation
· SSD protection
· Automatically defragment whenever your computer is idle.
· No interference with other programs
· Fragmentation Protection permanently saves your hard drives from fragmentation by using an lit aorithm.
· Displays complete statistics on the current defragmentation status.

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