Friday, May 27, 2016

can’t ch a brk as it’s suppliers are accused of poor work conditions

Some of you may remember that rlier in the yr BusinessWeekrelsed a report highlighting the poor work conditions at ’s semiconductor plants. It made such a big stink, that the Korn company came out saying it would improve conditions of its plant by yr’s end. However it looks like ’s problems are only getting worse after an annual social responsibility report found a large amount of safety discrepancies.
A third-party audit from December of last yr found that a large of these still fail to provide workers with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). A lack of PPE includes safety goggles, masks, suits, and so on. The report also suggests that employees have been forced to work overtime without pay, illegally. Forty of the suppliers, or close to, failed to implement proper evacuation drills while 48 of the suppliers employed minors, some handling hazardous materials.What chooses to do with this information is still up in the air. Hopefully the company will move forward in a positive direction, but in China where hazardous and unsafe work conditions apprs to be prevalent, the company may be facing an uphill battle.source: The Guardian
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