Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable mizer 2 v2.0.12.1112

mizer is a professional solution for enthusiasts designed to make editing an sier task. Even professionals have difficulty in producing rlly perfect s - which may be one of the rsons why ssoned frks sometimes refer to mizer for their private collection. Understandably enough, as the "little" mizer often not just achieves more than many of the "big brothers" of editing promise in name only. Thanks to automatic profiles it also saves a lot of time for optimizing, stabilizing and finally converting and home s.

mizer 2 knows the pitfalls of digital recording like hardly any other, the kinks and failures of memory chips as well as the errors during digitalization of older Super-8 and VHS s and s - and tackles them with the latest software technology. "Too dark" is then a thing of the past, just like too bright, too low or high in contrast, too blurred, too faint or too colorful.
And the best is that you do not need laborious training for mizer 2 and you don"t have to dl with complied settings. The specialist carries out all tasks fully automatically and with an installed sense of required improvements. The integrated photographic tools exactly find those parts of the picture that disturb the overall impression. With utmost precision! The integrated automatic object recognition manipulates only those attributes which require editing and lves the rest untouched. This makes the program the perfect completion for crtive amateurs AND (semi-) professional artists, since wrong camera settings are sily made despite all experience. And there is no cure for unfavorable wther and light conditions during the recording anyway.

They are very popular on YouTube: blurred and fuzzy s. For the home evening, however, not. mizer 2 has plenty to offer here. The appliion stabilizes blurred s and removes undesired sideward- or other camera movements, thus saving lost s for lots of family evenings to come. Based on the software"s capability to reconstruct the recording situation artificially, the original is restored in the best possible way by eliminating the detected sources of interference.

Conversion of s to a large of formats is another special fture that mizer 2 can handle off the cuff and which makes the appliion stand out from competition. Instd of being dependent on the input format of the original material, the software converts your optimized s and to nrly any other standard. If you want, you can adjust output to the respective appliion and change parameters like resolution, frame rate and tonality manually.

mizer 2 Highlights:

Stabilization: Stabilization of unstdy handheld recordings
Stabilization: Compensation of vibrations during recording
Stabilization: De-blurring of tracking shots
Stabilization: Optimization of object tracking (airplanes, birds, etc.)
Stabilization: Compensation of juddering zooms
Stabilization: Smoothing of s taken from moving objects
Stabilization: Compensation of geometric distortions in s taken from moving objects
Stabilization: Stabilization of wobbling s
Optimization: Automatic object recognition; only those parts are manipulated, which help optimize the overall impression
Optimization: Fully automatic re-adjustment of tonality, re-sharpening and contrast optimization
Optimization: Color-intensive and more cheerful s through higher definition and re-sharpening of matt colors
Optimization: Fully automatic system for hue control and saturation, white balance and bright/dark correction
Optimization: Elimination of fog and other wther influences and undesired color casts
Optimization: Improved scene change detection
Optimization: Manual adjustment of optimization on request
Conversion: Adjustment options for resolution, bit rate, frame rate and audio attributes (channels, bit rate, sample rate)
Conversion: adjustment for elimination of black bars like Stretch or Pan & Scan
Conversion: High-quality scaling filters, among them Lanczos and the extremely capable ODU
Conversion: Supported input formats: -, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, TS, AVCHD, Blu-ray and more
Conversion: Supported output formats: AVI, MPG, MP4 and WMV, among others with profiles for iPod, iPad, Android, PlayStation Portable and other hardware
Conversion: Fully automatic batch mode for automated manipulation of several s in a row
eral: cut and rl time preview (dual view for direct comparison)
eral: No training required; fully automatic stabilization, optimization and conversion

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