Friday, May 27, 2016

Google Docs and Sheets for Android get biggest update since their relse

Today both Google Docs and Google Sheets for Android got the biggest update since their relse. The updates add support for Android L, a refreshed user interface, and more.These updates essentially represent the merging of Quick and Google Docs.
Apart from the refreshed UI and the Android L support, the apps now have a completely new editing interface, and now allow users to crte and edit Word and Excel files. Google Sheets also now adds full support for formulas, which now do not have to be manually entered. Instd, there’s now a list of formulas to choose from.
Source: Android Police (Google Docs), Android Police (Google Sheets)

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Google Voice integration with Hangouts

Ever since we first got wind of Google’s Hangouts appliion, everyone thought it would be the one appliion that would unite all of Google’s messaging services. Unfortunately, it united everything but Google Voice. Now, a photo and a has showing that this fture is indeed coming to Android devices.

Perhaps the biggest slap in the face was that iOS users got the ability to make Google Voice VoIP calls within Hangouts late last yr. Even more unfortunate, that functionality seems to be missing in this , which doesn’t necessarily mn it isnt coming.
The reference to Google Voice within Hangouts can be found by enabling “All Butter Bars” in the debugging menu. You are then presented with a variety of butter bars, one of which gives you the option to “Receive voicemail and send text messages in Hangouts”. While this isn’t complete Google Voice functionality, we will take what we can get.
While the functionality isn’t live yet, we aren’t expecting it to arrive any later than the Android L relse.
source: Reddit
via: Phandroid
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Google Play Edition One M7 and M8 get Android 4.4.4

Android 4.4.4 is now getting pushed out to the Google Play Edition One M7 and M8. According to the update, it will include improved performance, security, and a few bug fixes.
Just days ago, s suggested that the update would come in July, but we expected it to be more late July to rly August.
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Additional Galaxy S 5 Google Play Edition press render s, this time without onscreen buttons

rlier in the day, an of the Galaxy S 5 Google Play Edition . And a little while after that the above surfaced. The difference between the two is that this one lacks the onscreen buttons that were present rlier. Other than that, this is the exact same press render. And it is still the same device in terms of hardware, just running stock Android on the inside.
Source: @evs (Official site)
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Google posts Android L preview source for various devices

The preview of Android L can now be tried on additional devices. Last week at Google I/O, the source was made available for the 5 and 7 (2013) while others were left out. Google has added the 7 (2012), 10, and 4 to the Android L preview. Older devices like the Galaxy and S are obviously being left behind due to age.
Hit the brk for individual links to ch device.
7 WiFi (2012) 7 LTE (2012) 7 WiFi (2013) 7 LTE (2013) 10 4 5Source: AOSP
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for Android tablets is getting very close

While Google continues to update the Docs and Sheets apps, there is still a lot of you that just can’t get away from . With it alrdy being available on iOS, it’s only a matter of time till it hits Android right? Based on the fact that is looking for testers as part of a closed beta can only mn that we are pretty close.

The suite for Android will include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and will only be available on tablets. You can sign up for the beta at ’s SharePoint site, which we have linked below. At the time of this post, the links for both “Business” and “Home” are down.
source: SharePoint

hits testing phase with selfie phone Eye

Those of you with desires to take selfies from dusk until dawn may have a new phone designed just for you coming out in the coming months. According to evs, the Eye is a selfie phone and according to his latest tweet, the phone has entered testing phases at AT&T.
So if talking numerous selfies is your thing then this may be for you. We’re not sure on anything other than it entering a testing phase. If we had to venture a guess — based on the M8 which has a 5MP front shooter — the Eye will have something similar in the front camera department. Of course, until unveils something concrete, we’re just guessing.source: @evs» See more articles by Jack Holt
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