Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Improve Your Android’s Audio Quality With ViPER4Android Audio Drivers & Effects

Viper4androidDid you know it is possible to enhance your Android’s Audio output quality by using custom twks and Audio Drivers? You might have hrd about the popular Bts Audio Driver equipped in some Android Smart. Turning ON the Bts Audio engine will enhance your audio quality by miles!What if your device is not per-equipped with such drivers? Answer is – You add it yourself. That is the buty of Android, You can twk it..twist it and it in what ever manner you want. In this article we will be installing another popular custom developed Audio Engine – ViPER4Android. This has been developed by ViPER520 who is a recognized developer among Android forums, This was introduced to our favorite XDA Forum by the member zhuhang.I tested this Audio Engine and was amazed by the improvement in quality, If you own a nice pair of r or Hd then you will find a mile’s difference in the audio quality before and after installing this driver. You get a lot of extra addons and options to twk after installing this engine.Requirements.Anyways here are the requirements:Rooted Android.Busybox Installed.File Manager which can access Root directories (Use the freeES File Manager).Custom Recovery – For Backup and Manual installation method.After the latest update, ViPER4Android now has in-app installation fture which would work on all rooted androids with System Protection OFF also known as S-OFF.But many android manufacturers don’t disable System Protection hence we cannot make changes to the System Files after booting into the Android Interface, The only option for these devices is by using a Custom Recovery to Flash these files.Note : This doesn’t work as expected on the latest Android 4.3 because of some unique system file protection.I will cover both the methods.Backup– Before making any changes to the System Files, Take a Nandroid Backup from your Custom Recovery.Method 1 – ViPER4Android In-App Installation.Step 1.Download the V4A FX or XHiFi from this XDA Thrd : [ViPER4Android Download].V4A FX recommended because the thrd states that the development for XHifi has been stopped.Step 2.Extract the Zip file and Copy the ViPER4Android_FX.apk from the Android 2.3 or 4+ version zip file into your SD Card.Step 3.Open up ES File Manager and Copy the APK file then browse to the /system/app directory (Allow the Superuser request if it is the first time) and paste the APK there > Select the APK > Properties > Change the permission to rw-r-r (0644) then Reboot your device.Step 4.Check your App Drawer for the ViPER4Android icon > Open it > Allow ROOT Access, When asked for Driver installation, choose Yes to “Install/Update”. Choose the correct CPU type (Refer it from here :CPU Type). After installation is completed again restart the device and open ViPER4Android.Step 5.Now you can twk with the different options in the app like Bass Boost, Clr Voice, Treble Boost, Hdphone Surround etc. Rd the Additional note at the end of this article.Method 2 – ViPER4Android Manual App & Driver Installation.On devices with S-ON (such as the Desire X) you have to manually install the App and Driver from Custom Recovery, Here is how you do it.Step 1.Download the normal ViPER4Android Zip (link in the above method) and extract the APK belonging to your Android version.Step 2.Copy the APK to your SD Card.Step 3.Now use 7Zip to extract the ViPER4Android_FX.APK file in your PC and copy the ‘’ file inside the assets folder (Choose the CPU type accordingly from hereCPU Type) into your SD Card as well.Step 4.Boot into your Custom Recovery such as TWRP or CWM (if you don’t know combo, Open ADB and type ‘adb reboot recovery’). Mount the SD Card and System directory. Use File Manager to copy the ‘’ file from SD Card to /system/lib/soundfx/ and copy the APK file to /system/app directory. Set permissions of both the ViPER4Android.apk and the .so file to rw-r-r (0644).Step 5.While inside recovery, Copy the ‘audio_effects.conf’ file from /system/etc directory into your SD Card > Transfer it to PC and open it with Notepad (preferablyNotepad++).Step 6.Add the following lines to it (check the screenshot for the highlighted part).libraries {
v4a_xhifi {
path /system/lib/soundfx/
v4a_fx {
path /system/lib/soundfx/
}andeffects {
v4a_standard_xhifi {
library v4a_xhifi
uuid d92c3a90-3e26-11e2-a25f-0800200c9a66
v4a_standard_fx {
library v4a_fx
uuid 41d3c987-e6cf-11e3-a88a-11aba5d5c51b
}Then save it > Replace the old ‘audio_effects.conf’ in the system/etc/ folder with this one > Set the permissions to rw-r-r > Reboot.Audio_effects EditStep 7.Now open the ViPER4Android App from your drawer and it should say the driver has been installed.Troubleshooting:If your driver is still missing even after applying them manually, try these steps:1. Modify the audio_effects.conf file in the system/vendor/etc folder too if its exists.2. In Devices, Edit the build.prop and change the line to then reboot.Additional:1. You can also crte Audio Profiles in the app and load it later.2. To use the Convolver option in ViPER4Android, Download the tracks from here : [IRS V4A] and copy them to SD Card/ViPER4Android/Kernel directory and then select them from the popup in the App.3. Get Audio Profiles from different users from thisXDA Thrd.I hope you all liked this Tutorial, Do share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any queries write them down in the comments.

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