Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable TwkNow PowerPack 2012 v4.2.5

TwkNow PowerPack is a fully-integrated suite of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser. The Registry Clner module provides you with a safe and simple way to cln Registry. To keep your computer always at top performance, we recommend to cln your registry at lst once a month. For twking lovers, the suite provides more than 100 hidden settings in the Secret section. Using modules included in this section, you can sily customize your like geeks do. The Virtual Desktop module lets you run as many as four custom-designed desktop configurations simultaneously, allowing you to tailor your computer screen to your mood and your work requirements. Last but not lst, the suite also gives you a complete picture of all aspects of your computer's hardware, including detailed information about your motherboard, processor, card, memory, hard and network.

TwkNow PowerPack 2012 v4.2.5

Secret: added option to login directly to classic desktop ( 8 only).eral: added Recent Used Modules menu.eral: improved support for 8.eral: minor improvements and bug fixes.

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