Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Xara Photo & Graphic Designer v10.1.2 Download

A capable photo editor can optimise your automatically, or gives you full control over brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, temperature and more. There are strong core ftures (crop, resize, fix red-eye, shadow/ highlights adjustments), many advanced tools (content aware zooming, photo hling, bitmap > vector conversion), 60+ built-in Live Effects and plugin support, while professional options like layer blending, fthering and vector masking help ensure you get precisely the results you need.
The program's illustration abilities start with a host of shape, line and freehand drawing tools. 3D extrusion mns you can drag any shape to crte a properly lit and rendered 3D version. You're able to customise the results further with transparency, fthering, shadow, bevel and contour tools, or use the blend tool to blend from one shape to another (just drag and drop). There's a lot to lrn, but fortunately editing is sy - even freehand work can be twked later.
Text ftures are impressive. You can position and rotate text as you'd like, make it follow a curved path, apply any of the other effects as required. The desktop publishing-type feel continues in the Designs Gallery, where you'll find templates for calendars, greetings cards, invitations, / covers, more. A bundled clipart library also helps, and powerful print and various export options (including PDF and PSD) make it sy to share your crtions with others.
Version 10 adds PhotoLooks 2, a powerful plugin (once sold separately for $199) which offers 100+ preset lighting and colour effects.
Finer editing controls mn you're now able to adjust highlights, shadows, or a particular colour in your , without affecting anything else.
There are new tools for drawing and editing commonly-used shapes: text panels, speech bubbles, arrows and more. The Content alog makes it sier to browse available content, photos are automatically rotated on opening (as required), and there’s improved Word and PDF import.
Finally, you get two bonus extras from the MAGIX range. MAGIX Photo Manager helps you sort and srch your photo collection. And 12 months free access to MAGIX Online Album Premium gives you 100GB online storage space, and your own domain, rdy to share your finished crtions with the world.

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