Friday, May 27, 2016

Dexpot 1.6.14 Build 2439

If your work consumes so much of your desktop that you cannot function efficiently or your PC monitor is small (laptops, notebooks), then look no further from Dexpot. This productivity appliion crtes up to 20 new desktop surfaces for you to work on, with sy way to switch between them and appliions you have selected to be active on ch of them. On one desktop you can put your entertainment programs (such as music apps), on another your full-screen web browser, and on another your work files or whatever you wish. This way, you can fully control your work or play environment, crte intrie setups that can enable you to work faster, loe things better, and enjoy your daily work with OS without wasting your time on managing desktop positions of dozens of apps that you need to have available at your side at all times.
Not only that Dexpot will provide new desktop surfaces, but ch of them can also be customized with their own icons and wallpapers. This will grtly help you to quickly orient yourself on which desktop surface you are.Main interface of the Dexpot enables very sy way to manage how many desktops you wish to crte, what is procedure that will welcome you when you start your PC, customize apprance , components and controls of ch individual desktop, and setup global shortcuts for desktop switching and showcasing thumbnails of all desktops you currently have active. Base functionality of the app can be expanded with Plugins and Extras that can be found on main Dexpot website.
Dexpot What`s new?Interactive Full-screen previewRevised and integrated Window alogRedesigned Desktop Preview and improved Desktop ManagerSupports multiple monitorsAssign appliions quicklyOne desktop background for ch monitorKeep taskbar buttons visibleDistribute icons reliablyRevised desktop names overlayLoading profiles via shortcutHot Corners & Mouse wheel switchingEven more new ftures and improvements

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