Friday, May 27, 2016

Wise Folder Hider 2.0 Free Download

Wise Folder Hider is a small but extremely useful utility that can help you to completely hide your personal files and folders on both your PC and removable storage devices such as USB stick drives. Entire procedure of hiding data is very simple, and most importantly, very secure. In just a few steps, your important data will be hidden from the other users who have access to your storage, and only you can access it via your chosen . The data that you are hiding is not encrypted. They are just hidden. Because of that fact, makers of Wise Folder Hider recommend that users who want more serious protection and data encryption use additional software solutions that can sily work alongside this app. Wise Folder Hider has all that you need to protect your personal data, and it comes 100% free.
Interface of Wise Folder Hider is incredibly simple. After confirming your , user can sily just drag and drop files or directories in the main dashboard of the Wise Folder Hider, which will automatically make that content completely hidden in the Explorer and other file explorers that you prefer to use. Additionally, entire USB Flash Drives can be hidden. Same Dashboard is used to set the current state of your content. Users have sy ability to switch their state from Hidden to Visible, with just one check separating those files from being accessible or totally invisible to anyone who has access to your PC.
Why choose Wise Folder Hider?
Free of ChargeWise Folder Hider is a completely freeware. It costs $0 for all users to use the functions, get newest updates and enjoy basic technical supports.
sy to Hide DataOnly with a few simple clicks can you hide your private and sensitive data like docs, photos, s, folders, etc.
Double ProtectionMechanism of Two-Tier-s makes the hiding safe enough. One to log in and the other one to hide and unhide the data.
Support Drag and DropYou can simply drag and drop a file/folder into Wise Folder Hider. This fture is avaliable in Win8/7/Vista OS(only when UAC is disabled) and XP OS.
Support Right-ClickYou can hide files/folders by right-click without opening Wise Folder Hider. You will be able to access/unhide these files or folders when you log in WFH.

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