Friday, May 27, 2016

Volcano Box Latest version Free Download v2.9.0

Volcano Box v2.9.0 DownloadVolcano Box
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New in Update Volcano Box v2.9.0
Added Vitool - Ultimate Iphone Disabled & Pass UnlockerSPD Andriod add new flash ic supportMTK 6572 add new flash ic supportAdjust MTK Andriod Imeichange aorithm
POST Here All IPhone Pass - Disabled Successfully Unlocked with Vitool
IPHONE 5 IPHONE Is Disable Done with VI TOOL

Volcano Box's Main Cable
Volcano Box's P-04A Jig
Volcano Box's ViTools (Hardware Adaptor)
Volcano ViTool's Sensor

As you have all require things so lets understand how to connect it.1. Connect volcano box to computer via usb cable 2. Connect volcano box's main cable to volcano box (the cable which have Red & Black wires)3. Connect Jig P- 04A to volcano box's main cable make sure you it with correct way. Plse look have a picture. Arrow must be on thumbs side.
4. Insert P-04A jig into Vitools 5. Attach Sensor with ViTools 6. Plug Cable's connector into Iphone (the Cable which have two usb male connectors)7. Connect one uusb connector to directly computer's USB port and check if it start charging or not if not then plug another USB.8. Now Connect last USB connector into ViTools (if have Iphone5/ 5C/5S etc then use Adaptor)9. Volcano Utility_iphone alrdy opened if not plse run it 10.Now Place sensor onto Iphone's Screen (make sure Iphone screen is in idle state) from Software press Unlock button and wait till software find it's correct .
11.After it's finished your Iphone will be Unlocked and on Software you can see which pass your Iphone have.

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