Friday, May 27, 2016

ShadowProtect Recovery Environment Bootable- v4.1.5.10129

ShadowProtect Recovery Environment Bootable Fast and Reliable Disaster Recovery & System Migration — P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V. StorageCraft ShadowProtect will crte an automatic backup of your entire system including the operating system, appliions, personal settings and data. Complete disaster recovery of your PC or laptop in minutes.

ShadowProtect provides a simple view to restore or update files and folders to your existing backup s. Automatically save online backup s to USB, FireWire, NAS or any network loion.

ShadowProtect Desktop Edition provides fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration for desktops and laptops. ShadowProtect Desktop Edition provides hardware independent restore for physical to physical system (P2P) recovery. ShadowProtect Desktop also supports conversion from physical systems to virtual environments (P2V), virtual enironments to physical systems (V2P) and virtual environments to virtual environments (V2V).
ShadowProtect Desktop Edition is complementary to VMWare™ Workstation and ™ Hyper-V for fast and reliable disaster recovery. VMWare Workstation includes full support for ShadowProtect backup files for simple conversion from physical systems to virtual environments.
ShadowProtect Ftures:

- Supports 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
— Bare metal recovery of desktops and laptops in minutes.
— Restore or migrate backup s to and from physical systems and virtual environments (P2V, V2P and V2V).
— Hardware independent restore of backup s to dissimilar hardware (P2P).
— Schedule automatic full and incremental backups.
— Bootable recovery provides automatic hardware detection and network support.
— Simple view to quickly recover files and folders or update backup s.
— Compress and encrypt backup s for efficiency and security.
— Save backup s to USB, Firewire, NAS, SAN or any network loion.

Schedule automatic backupsShadowProtect provides an sy to use scheduler so that point-in-time backups can be taken automatically while you work. Schedule full or incremental backups of your system and data.

Save backups to any loionShadowProtect backups can be saved to USB, FireWire, an attached storage device or network loion.

View backup files for quick file and folder recoveryShadowProtect point-in-time backups can be assigned a drive letter as a rd-write or rd-only volume. The mounting ftures of ShadowProtect allow you to restore files and folders or update an existing point-in-time backup.

Perform remote or bare metal system recoveryThe ShadowProtect Recovery allows you to perform a bare metal system restore in minutes. The also includes a remote control tool to allow you to remotely recover your system and data without physically visiting the system.

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