Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable WinPE7-SysTools 6.6 Boot

Portable WinPE7 is a small project but powerful reincarnated Live from 7 Operating System kernel core. It is obviously built by Winbuilder engine and set of Winbuilder-scripts like some other projects VistaPE and LiveXP. The difference from WinPE 3.0 is that it has graphical user interface and many more powerful functions. It can be added more drivers (Wireless, Wifi, ect) and many other preinstalled-software. Like preinstallation Environment 3.0, it is running in RAM, so it has the fastest activities in current Operating System Environment for System Administrators.Portable WinPE7-SysTools 6.6 Boot

Total Commander - File Manager (no plug-ins, etc.)
FAR - File Manager
On Screen board - board emulator
Mouse Emulator - Emulator mouse
Xplorer2 - conductor
Acronis Director 10 (2169) ru - edit sections of the HDD
Acronis True Home 2010 Plus Pack (7046) ru - Backup drives and partitions (256MB on the PC and close all prog BS, or SetPageFile)
Acronis True Home 2012 Plus Pack (6151) ru
Paragon PM - a set of utilities for working with HDD (!!! P2P - prepare for SET. To other equipment)
Ghost32 - backing up partitions and s
Ghost Explorer - show Ghost partitions and s
Gx rus - working with WIM, can make s 7/Vista/XP followed by reduction of (squeezes more Acronis'a, but longer)
Active @ / Explorer - backup / viewing partitions and s
Drive Cloner Rx - backing up partitions and s
R-Drive - backing up partitions and s
Active @ FileRecovery - utility to restore deleted or corrupted data
R-Studio ru - data recovery software (the way to restore the hand-writing)
LLFTOOL - nizk.formatirovanie - Beware!
Alignment Tool - a tool to align the sections with just one click
Win - rd disc s
Find And Mount - srch and mount partitions
CHKDSKGUI - testing, trtment of disc
MyDefrag - Defragmenter
Defraggler - Defragmenter
Ultra ISO Premium Edition - VirtualDrive, view \ edit files
PowerLaserExpress - Record \ (alternative, because the Ultra ISO is not always writes s)
Imagine - Viewer
TextMaker - text editor MS Word dokumetov
PlanMaker - text editor dokumetov MS Excel
Presentations - text editor dokumetov MS PowerPoint
STDUViewer (no tiff, txt, s) - rder (PDF, DjVu, XPS, JBIG2, WWF, TCR, PDB, FB2, PDF, XPS)
Mount Stor PE - mount hidden partitions
Compare (AZJIO) - compare folders
7-Zip ru - file archiver with high compression ratio
AIDA64 Extreme Edition - the hardware of the PC
CPU Stress Test - Test percent -!! tly very warm Percent!!
S & M - Percent Test / Memory / HDD (with a connected card rder ACORP CRIP200-B hangs up - turn off the display shows. Device. Card rder drives - ok)
HD Tune Pro - tested performance and HDD performance
HDSPEED - Speed ??Test HDD (with a connected card rder ACORP CRIP200-B hangs up - turn off the display shows. Device. Card rder drives - ok)
Tirl TFT Test - so no stripes at the bottom - to download BS-Exp (press ESC ...)> PEshell> TC >> Tirl TFT Test
DisplayX - Test Monitor
HDDScan - scan hdd, changing aam, apm
HWID - id output devices
Driver Export PE - a utility to make copies of drivers
Smart Driver Backup - a utility to make copies of drivers
BootBuilder-graphical shell command line utility BEdit
BOOTICE - installation, configuration, backup the MBR or PBR and other
USBFW - Utility to format and crte bootable USB Flash Drives
MultiBoot - a program to recover boot Vista / 7
Xorldr - download manager for multiple operating systems
RegWorkshop - Extended Registry Editor
AutoRuns - Analysis of Autonomous Systems
AntiWinLocker - protection from blocking , from blocking pornographic banners
ServicesPE - editing services, and devices
PasswdRenew - Master changes
Gate - utility allows you to disable checking
AVZ - antivirus utility designed to detect .....
uVS - The program is designed to facilitate the detection and destruction of unknown viruses, rootkits and bootkits
WinPatrol - Editing \ configure important system ars of the system
Remove Fake Antivirus - The program to remove the fake antivirus software
WinTools-Net - Clnup, Registry, configuration, optimization of the
Twker - Customize optimization
Sclner - Clnup, Registry
7ZSplit - Divider archives
Res - Edit Win-appliions
UPX-X-Shell - Packer executable files
PE-Compact (+ Unpecomp2)
HxD - HEX Editor


AVPTool (optional)
Dr.Web CureIt (optional)
MSE-scanners for WinPE (optional)
ESET SysRescue (NOD32) (optional)

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