Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable vRevl Premium Multilanguage

Portable vRevl works with nrly any format. Open and edit files from their original loion. The most advanced enhancement for your home s. sy to use "one-click" stabilization, noise clnup, and color-correction. Finish your quickly and get back to your life. Review, Edit, and Export in seconds, not hours.

Auto-panorama is a revolutionary new fture in vRevl 3 for crting panoramas from . Almost any panning clip can be automatically transformed into a high-quality panoramic and posted to Facebook in one click.

Unlike conventional panorama apps, which use only a few frames to crte panoramas, vRevl uses pixels from literally every frame in your clip. The result is an incredibly smooth and geometrically immaculate panorama. vRevl also makes sure that changes in exposure in different parts of the are handled without a glitch so your skies are blue whichever way you look.

vRevl’s Panorama is sy to use. There are no settings to twk, as vRevl does everything automatically. You may adjust in and out points or let vRevl find the best looking panorama -- it's up to you.

vRevl for makes it sy to quickly fix the s from your cell phone, HD camcorder, digital camera, or other device. Stabilize, brighten, sharpen, add fun effects and more with just one click. For free.

Software, Reimagined.
vRevl makes it sy to manage, fix, and share your s. Whether you need to tame your library or make your favorite moments shine, you'll enjoy vRevl's simplicity and power. Try it and you'll soon discover that it's the only app you need.

Fix your Shaky
vRevl uses award-winning technology to get rid off bad shake in your clips. There is no need to wait (unlike other apps) - vRevl can stabilize all your shaky s on the fly.

Did we say it's fast? Lightning fast - up to 5x times faster then a typical competitor's stabilization software. On most mid- and high-end GPUs from NVIDIA or AMD, you can stabilize your clips in rl-time, even with 1080p source.

Live Gallery
Can't find those vaion s? Use vRevl to instantly bring all your memories back.

vRevl is like Picasa for s (and much more!); it will scan and re-discover all the s stered around your computer. Tell it where to look (using the built-in Folder Manager), or select your entire computer to find everything.

Browsing through your s is a joy with vRevl. Move your mouse over the thumbnails and see them come to life. vRevl shows you what's inside your s without opening them.

Unrivalled Enhancements
With vRevl’s sy-to-use enhancement controls you can quickly fix common problems like shake, poor lighting, or incorrect color (also known as white balance). We promise it's the siest no--editing-experience-required appliion you've ever used.

One-Click-Fix automatically selects the optimal enhancements for your . Stabilization smooths your shaky vidoes, dynamic auto-contrast fixes both dark and bright scenes, and auto white-balance makes sure your colors are true (even if you were recording under fluorescent lights).

Cln Noise
To cln your s from camera noise and compression artifacts, use vRevl’s exclusive Cln filter. It relies on the state-of-the-art multi-frame processing to get rid of noise and lve you with crisp and cln .

The Cln filter is especially useful after you've improved contrast and brightness issues, as brightening a will also amplify noise.

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