Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable PG Music Band in a Box

Portable Band-in-a-Box - this is probably the best program for music crtion. During long-term development program has acquired a very large functional and more popular among the fans to make music very quickly. So what can a program? Suppose you picked up the chords to your melody or vocal line. You need to enter chords in the program, choose your style - and your song is rdy! In fact, it's very simple.

Band-in-a-Box contains a huge of styles (over 2000), understands all the existing accords, allows flexible control over arrangement, you can delete and insert new musical instruments, write the melody and vocal arrangement in the export format MIDI, then to open it and edit in a professional editor, such as Cubase 6. Also in the scope of the program includes the so-called RlTracks, which allow to achieve the rlistic sound of drums, guitars and other instruments.

The structure of Band-in-a-Box also includes a sequencer RlBand, which is a fairly simple virtual studio. In eral, we recommend this package for novice musicians, who for some rson did not want or can not crte their own arrangements.

We’re excited to offer Band-in-a-Box for with over 50 grt new ftures and enhancements. There’s VST Synth support for ch track allowing for multiple synths playing in your songs and the option to use VST Audio Plug-ins (reverb, delay etc.) on ch track. Customize over 150 of the Guitar based RlTracks using the new Guitar Amp Simulator (AmpliTube CS). We’ve included “Direct Input” (cln signal) Guitar RlTracks for these, so all of the added effects come from the Guitar Amp Simulator.

We’ve added “Loops” support, so you can add your own, or 3rd party loops to any Band-in-a-Box track. The “BB Remote” app for iPhone, iPad, Android has been updated with new ftures. There’s a Simpler RlTracks setting that makes the RlTracks play a less busy or embellished arrangement. You can add MIDITracks individually now, simply select your favorite MIDITrack from any style to any track of your current song. EZ selection of “DrumGrooves” has been added, which are different grooves within drum styles.

We’ve also added 101 NEW RlTracks (Sets 137-154), with amazing Jazz, Pop, and Country Styles. These include:

Jazz RlTracks: Dixieland full band with tuba/ banjo and soloists, Jazz Funk (Jeff Lorber, Alex Al), Fusion Guitar soloing (Carlos Arellano), Bossa Organ and Piano (Mike LeDonne), Solo Guitar Accompaniment (Oliver Gannon).Country RlTracks: Pedal Steel Soloing (CMA winner Paul Franklin), 6 new guitar soloing and accompaniment RlTracks recorded by Nashville guitar led Brent Mason, Praise And Worship “Promise” band, Drivin’ 8ths full band, Bluegrass WaltzPop/Rock RlTracks: Texas Blues soloing and rhythm with guitar masters Sol Philcox and Brent Mason, Rock Piano (CMA winner John Jarvis), Soul (full band), Pop 16ths medium (full band), Pop Ballad 16ths (full band).

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