Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable Halot 1.306 Multilanguage

Portable Mirolit Halot is a fun appliion designed to enable you to relax and enjoy a plsnt atmosphere. It is crted for those people who have nervous and intense work, who have small children, who want inner balance, who want to sleep pcefully, as well as for home and PC users. With the help of sounds we can either provoke person's nervous system or calm it down. Children are not exceptions. In fact, according to the tests, small children behave calmly while the appliion is used.

Advantages of Halot

If you were looking for an appliion for meditation, relaxation and rest, then this Appliion is just for you! It will help you to de-stress, set oneself for work, relax while at work... All you have to do is to select and turn on a sound theme corresponding to your mood and you can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, ambient or your own audio records. You may crte your own presets and themes with the sounds you prefer and enlarge the set of samples with your own sounds. There is no need to buy s with records of nature sounds and music for relaxation any more. All this you can find in this Appliion. records are invariable; the sounds are repted in the same places and start palling on you soon. This Appliion enables sounds to be played at different intervals and with different effects, which crtes the non-repting sounds of nature or any other chosen ambient. Of course, it will be interesting to listen to your music files simultaneously with the sounds of Halot. For this purpose Halot has a built-in audio player. Crte your new sound. You may record an audio session to a or a portable device and take it along. All this can be done sily with the help of the built-in recorder which records sounds in the OGG format that is played back by many modern portable devices. While working at the computer or relaxing, you can sily forget about important events or a scheduled meeting. Don't worry - the built-in alarm clock will remind you of the scheduled events. This clock may not only alert the user by audio and visual signals, but also perform some pre-configured actions, like starting an appliion, turning off the computer, etc. Halot requires less system resources in comparison with other appliions of the given subject, that positively affects other parallel appliions. Halot will crte a favorable sound atmosphere without interfering with your principle computer activity.

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