Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable FileStrm Turbo Browser 11.6.002060417

Portable FileStrm Turbo Browser From editing or optimizing individual or groups of digital photos to managing all your PDF and Documents, this multiple award winning software lets you organize, group convert and optimize, crte /, slideshow, group rename, change file properties, print, compress, upload, download, publish Web sites, plus edit HTML, script, text, RTF, and HEX in its color d editor. There is no other software that lets you do so much all in one place. This latest new relse supports all popular digital camera RAW formats; it also supports ing to Blu-ray and HD- discs.

Photo Editing - The new Digital Darkroom fture offers you many essential quick fix photo editing tools from single click red eye removal button, auto-fix buttons, to color adjustment sliders for you to improve your photos in a snap. You, as a photography enthusiast, can now manually change white balance, use fill flash, back lighting, and color cast removal tools along with the original shooting information and histogram to fine tune pictures. This new relse continues to let you batch convert, optimize, resize, reduce file size, and print single or groups of photos and s.

Manage Documents with a Star - From Acrobat PDF to Documents, like Word Processing, Sprdsheet, PowerPoint, it offers you all the essential tools you need to find, view, print, organize, launch and work with them conveniently in one program. Supports internal viewing of 200+ formats. You can mark or tag your frequently used or favorite files with a Star so you can quickly pull them out when you need them. You can also display and reference your file list by Timeline.

Organize and Crte / - The Organize Wizard lets you organize your photos by name, event, time, or loion. Most digital cameras list your photos with style names, which is very hard, if not impossible, to figure out which photo is which. With the additional file management tools like group rename, batch print, zip, unzip, and change file properties, you can organize photos and documents on your hard drives and network fast and sy. them onto / with Verify to secure backup protection. You can also crte your own Slideshow with just a couple clicks.

Remote Upload, Download, and Publish - You can upload files and s to and download from servers. You can preview and edit before and after the transfer. It supports Quick Publishing for direct editing files on hosting servers.

Color d HTML, RTF, Text, Script, and Hex Editors - Turbo Browser includes Works, which is an sy to use, fast and simple HTML and editor with built-in HTML Helper and side-by side source and Web view. Its friendly assistant helps to make crting and editing a much sier task.

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