Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable Driver Fusion 1.1.1 Multilanguage

Portable Driver Fusion - a former Driver Sweeper, but it is a useful tool to remove drivers from the sistemy.Driver Sweeper to remove all remnants of old drivers, as well as all registry associated with them. It is important to remove the remnants of the drivers from the system in a proper way, because the rest of the drivers of unnecessary files and registry entries can cause problems with your computer, for example, when it starts. The program of Driver Sweeper has a large of options: remove the drivers from the major manufacturers, backup and recovery, cln up your registry, the simultaneous removal of multiple profiles, and more. Options allow you to restore the backup as drivers, as well as shortcuts to them on the desktop.Portable Driver Fusion 1.1.1 Multilanguage
The user interface is quite original, it has no graphics, just a white background and lettering.
The program was formerly called Driver Sweeper, the developers decided not to support its previous product, processed it, made him free. So far no complaints on the work tool I have, let's see how the next, hoping Driver Fusion is useful to you.

New ftures:
User's Manual - a reference was added to the StartMenu, indiing that the manual Fusion Driver. In the tutorial, you'll lrn how to use the driver Fusion.
Resolved issues:
Starting / closing - we decided a of issues causing the closure of Driver Fusion.

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