Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable CyberLink YouPaint

Portable CyberLink YouPaint - CyberLink YouPaint is a fun-packed appliion for painting on the PC. Brushes, pens, a color palette, stamps, tracing paper, blooms, and more, provide hours of crtive entertainment.
YouPaint’s welcoming interface is optimized for touch platforms and pen tablets, allowing rlistic painting by hand and pen. Give CyberLink YouPaint a try to see what it's all about!
Here are some ftures of "CyberLink YouPaint":

Fun Drawing Tools:
Select from one of four drawing tools - chalk, pencil, marker, or crayon - and adjust the tool size to suit your project and the effect you are trying to crte. YouPaint provides the feeling of actual texture when using various drawing tools.

Color Palette:
What's better than a box of 5 colored pencils? A box of 60, of course! YouPaint offers a choice of 60 vibrant colors to work with. Adjust the size of ch tool with the sliding scale to crte colorful lines of various thickness.

Touch Support:
By supporting the latest touch hardware and the touch ftures of 7, you and your kids can draw and paint directly on the screen with your fingers. Of course, you can also use a pen tablet or mouse.

blooms work like a quick copy and paste tool, repting a series of the same . Crte a swirling chain-like effect from a choice of 13 types of . You can apply anywhere on the canvas or make stunning borders, it’s your art work!

Crtive Canvas:
Enjoy the feeling of having unlimited paper with YouPaint's workspace—and never make a mess! The workspace has its own fun characteristics too, which you'll soon discover by moving around stamps and s.

Handy Eraser:
Perfect your artwork with the handy eraser. Just like the rl thing, the more you apply the more it removes. Adjust the size of the eraser to give you more control over what you rub out.

Tracing Papers:
Kick-start your crtivity with YouPaint's library of 10 tracing papers of familiar shapes like animals and vehicles. You can expand your library by importing photos and converting them into your own tracing papers too.

Movble Stamps:
Apply stamps to your canvas and give your pictures even more character. Choose from 76 built-in stamps and use the sy zoom-in and rotate ftures to fit your artwork. Make your own stamps by importing your favorite s and photos!

Artist Library & Printing:
View and save all your drawings and imported s in the art works library. Crte your very own art work portfolio. Print your work by choosing from one of four pre-defined styles—portrait, landscape, color or grayscale.

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