Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable AKVIS Suite Multilanguage

AKVIS ArtSuite v6.7AKVIS ArtWork v4.0AKVIS Chameleon v7.0AKVIS Coloriage v7.5AKVIS Enhancer v11.5AKVIS Lightshop v3.0AKVIS Magnifier v4.0AKVIS MultiBrush v5.5AKVIS NatureArt v2.0AKVIS Noise Buster v7.5AKVIS Refocus v1.0AKVIS Retoucher v4.5AKVIS Sketch v12.0
AKVIS ArtSuite is an impressive collection of versatile frames and effects for photos. ArtSuite contains many templates and texture samples that can be used to crte a virtually limitless variety of options for erating frames.
AKVIS ArtWork is photo to painting software, it is designed to imitate different painting techniques (Oil, Watercolor, Comics, Pen&Ink, Linocut). ArtWork helps you to crte a piece of art out of any digital photo.
AKVIS Chameleon is a fun to use tool for photo collage crtion. It makes the process sy and entertaining. The tool is very sy to handle as it does not require precise selection of objects.
AKVIS Coloriage allows colorizing B&W photos and replacing colors in color photos.
AKVIS Enhancer is enhancement software that detects detail in underexposed, overexposed and mid tone ars of a photo with uneven exposure. Enhancer improves every part of the !
AKVIS LightShop lets you crte an infinite of astounding light effects!
AKVIS Magnifier allows resizing s without loss in quality.
AKVIS MultiBrush makes it sy to retouch photos and enhance portraits. Fturing a collection of hling and enhancement brushes, stamping and drawing tools, AKVIS MultiBrush helps artists, photographers and home users to perform portrait enhancement, retouch flaws and remove unwanted objects from digital pictures, paint funny details on a photo or crte an from scratch.
AKVIS NatureArt is an excellent tool for imitating the magnificence of natural phenomena on your digital photos. Nature effects have an impact on our mood and it can be used to strengthen the impression from a picture.
AKVIS Refocus improves sharpness of out of focus s. The program can process the entire photo or bring into focus only the selected part to make the subject stand out against the background.
AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient program for photo restoration and photo retouching.
AKVIS Sketch converts digital photos to amazing pencil sketches and watercolor drawings.

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