Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable Advanced Photo Tools IDRMy v2.01

IDRMy is a c shareware appliion that is translated to: English, Czech, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Now the IDRMy is implemented as a plugin for and as a standalone appliion with GUI as well. Sometimes it is imposible to take a clr shot, where are no over-iluminated and under-ilumimated parts. There is an sy solution. Take several shots with different exposure times and fuse them together using IDRMy. IDRMy is an sy to use appliion that can significantly improve the dynamic range of your photos. Portable Advanced Photo Tools IDRMy v2.01

It works in several modes:

• Multi exposure fusion
• Single fusion Light
• Single fusion Dark
• Smart Contrast
• Daylight fusion Up/Down

Multi exposure fusion

Sometimes it is impossible to take a clr shot with no over-illuminated and under-illumimated ars. IDRMy is the solution to this problem.
Take several shots with different exposure times and fuse them together using IDRMy.
It is sy and fast with natural looking results and a dynamic range of tones. No artificial colors or structures are seen. In the appliion you can sily adjust several parameters of the fusion to get the best result.
From the technique it is obvious that the aorithm works best on nrly static scenes. Moreover we strongly recommend using a tripod while capturing source photos.

For the fusion you don't need any information about how the source s were captured - no need for exposure times or other information.
From the world of science: HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique was originally developed in the 1930s and 1940s by Charles Wyckoff. Wyckoff's detailed pictures of nuclr explosions appred on the cover of Life magazine in the mid 1940s. Scientists have published more than one hundred papers on the topic of HDR . The latest paper was published in 2010.
Single fusionIDRMy can improve the dynamic range of a single photo. You don't need to capture many s with different exposure times. The aorithm uses the information hidden in the dark/light parts of your photo, that the human eye is unable to detect.
Our appliion preserves the rl look of the photo unlike other commercial appliions using HDR aorithms.

Source IDR Result

relight (Daylight Up/Down)SourceResult
If you capture an where some parts are too dark or on the contrary over-illuminated, but the overall exposure is correct, it is time to use Daylight - relight. This function is able to highlight under-illuminated parts and darken over-illuminated parts, while preserving the rl look.
These results cannot be achieved by histogram manipulation or contrast enhancement.
From the world of science: DaylightMy uses a very similar core aorithm as IDRMy. Moreover with the same aorithm we can sily manage multi-focus fusion, i.e. we can fuse s with different focus planes into one . This family of aorithms is based on so called "wavelets". The basic theory of wavelets was published by Mallat and Daubechies in the 90's. The wavelet theory is still vital and many papers continue to be published on this topic.

Smart contrast

This function in DaylightMy allows you to amplify or suppress shadows in the photo. Shadows in the photo are on different levels of detail (LOD) depending of the size of the object casting the shadow.
Manipulating lights and shadows you can change the impression. You can remove the haze, make the brighter, clner or sharper.

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