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Portable Advanced PC Twker 4.2 Date 25.06.2012

Portable Advanced PC Twker is the diagnostic and maitainace tool with more than 15 functions to provide complete care and boost performamce for your PC. It enhances your PC system by repairing problems, clnning junks, managing backups and optimizing system; it can also completely uninstall unwanted programs, deeply optimize system memory and protect sensitive information by completely removing all personal traces of Internet activities with our result-oriented technology. In addition, Advanced PC Twker offers grt after-sales services to allow users submit problems for professional advises. It is fully compatible with 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista . With the help of Advanced PC Twker, you can effectively and sily improve system performance, customize to personal preference, back up data before any repairing, restore system for different time and solve various PC problems with a few clicks.

Incrse Performance: As we all know, system keeps becoming slower and slower over time. Advances PC Twker offers several useful functions to prevent your computer from slowing down. Registry Clner contains a total of 17 dedied egories for your registry scanning and detecting. By choosing the egory you want, the smart scanning engine will find out and list the detected problems that make your PC's performance unstable and insufficient and repair the problems, thus to boost PC performance.

Maintain : The is a dynamic system that changes regularly every time we use it, therefore, regular system maintenance will be necessary. Advanced PC Twker's 1-Click Twk can automatically process system twk at predefined time. To keep your system in top shape at all times, you can also let Advanced PC Twker run at startup for detailed registry maintenance.

Free Up Space: Even the largest hard s will fill up someday if you store too much information in it. Advanced PC Twker helps you scan and cln up the junk files from your system to provide more space on your hard drives and allow appliions to run faster and more efficiently.

Customize : This fture in Advanced PC Twker will help you customize to you personal favorite by changing the behavior of startup menu or taskbar. Besides, Advanced PC Twker includes BHO(Internet Browser Helper Objects) manager and IE Restore utilities to ensure a better and hlthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to sound performing states.

Solve Problems: Advanced PC Twker will repair your registry problems with only several clicks as you can make choice on the listed items detected by the engine which will automatically repair all the specified problems. In addition to the selection and deselection operations, you can exclude any items to Ignore List where Advanced PC Twker will reference and ignore the excluded entries at the next-time scanning. To further protect your data, when you run Advanced PC Twker at the first time, it is required to have a full backup on your registry files before any registry problems will be fixed, which you can always use to recover the registry to a previous state.

Backup and Restore: Advenced PC Twker introduces powerful registry backup and recovery management utilities, including repair backup and full backup, backup restoring capability, restoring or deleting your backups, and the new fture Restore Point, which will give you more leverage on ensuring the safety of your system during registry repairing.

System Optimizing: facilitated by 5 major utilities, including System Optimizer, Block ActiveX, Error Utilities, Register ActiveX, Optimize Memory, sophistiedly enough to tune up your system that will run at the optimal state

Uninstall Program: This built-in utility offers better and sier way for you to completely uninstall any unwanted appliion that standard Add/Remove program can't remove.

Submit Problems: This add-in goody can be used for submiting problems that can not be solved or the unwanted programs can not be uninstalled successfully.

System Compatible: Advanced PC Twker is fully compatible with all the major -based systems, including the latest Vista, XP/ 2003/ 2000 and even 98 and ME./7

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