Friday, May 27, 2016

Portable 7-PDF Website Converter Pro

It is rare for PDF printers to allow you to crte a PDF from a website without pages being cut off' or the PDF not being in one piece' this is the case regardless of whether you use freeware or commercial PDF software.

Fact is: Trying to print a website as a PDF via the print dialogue of browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer certainly has its dangers - invariably we end up frustrated or find ourselves making do' with the Web PDF which has been produced.

7-PDF Website Converter now provides the solution you've been waiting for With the help of this brand new PDF for you can access a very special PDF tool that allows you to convert the complete layout of a website clnly and in one piece.

Say goodbye to fragmented Web PDFs What's more, 7-PDF Website Converter offers the following handy advanced ftures':

- Automatic eration of clickable PDF bookmarks (PDF hyperlinks) from web hdings
- Optional automatic crtion of hders with web address and page s
- Optional automatic crtion of site indexes from web content
- Cover sheet function
- Insertion of PDF side hdings
- Automatic crtion of clickable PDF links from website links and navigation aids
- Book printing option (eBook mode)
... and much, much more

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