Friday, May 27, 2016

Makkah Live Strming Online From Saudi Arab

Live Strming of Taraweeh, Prayers from Khana Ka'aba Makkah, Saudi Arabia during the month of the Ramadan. Watch Ramzan Special Live Strm from Makkah brought to you by Ministery of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia. بث حي للصلاة من المسجد الحرام في مكة برعاية وزارة الثقافة والاعلام

Makkah Live Strming from Saudi Arab
Makkah Live Strming for Taraweeh is available during the month of Ramadan where the Shaikh recites the wholy Quran during Nimaz e Tarawih every night with live feed that you can watch in HD, an official strm provided by the Ministry of Saudia for Muslims all over the world.

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