Friday, May 27, 2016

jetAudio 8.1.1 Basic Free Download For PC

JetAudio is popular freeware audio software that enables you to playback, organize and to discs your entire music collection. Among many of its audio/ ftures, it also supports ing of s, converting audio files, and crting internet broadcast using the JetCast function. It can also playback many formats of files and convert them for playback on your portable devices (, tablets, and game consoles). Edition of audio files also supports several special effects such as Wide, Reverb and X-Bass, control of multichannel sound output, speed control, cross fading, support for themes and synchronized lyrics.
After you activate JetAudio for the first time you will encounter interface that will make your feel right at home – almost exact interface that was popularized around the world by popular audio player Winamp. But, there are some significant additions that are present here. Above traditional interface in the main audio player dashboard, jetAudio also holds 6 brand new stylized buttons that fire up its more advanced functions. Those buttons are Rip, Convert, Record, Broadcast and Get Music. ch of them will enable you to sily control audio conversion, broadcasting and purchase of new music, which is perfect for anyone who wants to use one software solution for control of their entire music library.
With strmlined interface, strong support for all audio ftures you may desire and unbtable price of $0, JetAudio continues to be one choice for audio playback and management for millions of people around the world.
JetAudio Main Ftures:

Audio Ripping
Crte digital audio files from Audio

Convert various digital audio files to supported target file formats

Record from various analog sources such as microphone or Line-In input

Audio ing
Crte your own Audio from digital audio files

Convert various digital files to supported target file formats (30 seconds)

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