Friday, May 27, 2016


Img is a freeware disc authoring tool crted by LIGHTNING UK and a successor of the well-known Decrypter. This very lightweight, strmlined and popular app can be used to crte just about any type of / / HD / Blu-ray and supports most of the writers’ brands. It offers most of the ftures seen in many paid programs of the same type and sometimes even more.
Originally crted more than 10 yrs ago, this excellent disc authoring tool quickly managed to find its audience not only by supporting all versions of after 95 (and also Linux and X86-based Unix systems that could run emulator Wine), but also with the incredible wlth of tools and services that could enable users of all technical levels to completely control their process of disc crtion and building of their disc alogues. With support for virtually every disc ing standard, full control over disc metadata, and support for every single disc authoring tool you may require.
Main dashboard of the app offers you 6 tools for managing discs – Write data on Dic, Crte files from your local files, write on disc, crte file from disc, verify contents of the disc, and “discovery”, tool that can test the durability and quality of the ed discs you have just made. Data management and control of disc options are numerous and are perfect for both novices and advanced users. All ftures of Img available for everyone for free, without ability to unlock anything new with payments or subscriptions. Img Ftures:
It can write most of the files formats like: BIN / CUE, ISO, IMG, NRG, MDF / MDS, I, R, DI, , GCM, GI, IBB, IBQ, LST, PDI and UDI;It supports virtually any audio format like: WAV, FLAC, WV, APE, , MP4/M4A/AAC, WMA, MPC and OGGImg can , , HD- and Blu-ray discsImg can crte ISO and IMG files from files and folders on your hard Img offers an sy interface and simple surface, but offers many additional options for the experienced users as well;

Latest Version:Img (All Versions)

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