Friday, May 27, 2016

Free TreeSize Free 3.1.0 Download

TreeSize Free is a free storage utility that can help users of all knowledge levels to sily control data that is stored on their desktop PCs and laptops. This very small, fast and resource light app helps users to find out what exactly is stored on their hard drives, making discovery of unnecessary files very sy (that includes temp files, leftover files and directories after uninstallations, duplie files and more). TreeSize Free works on a principle of sy showcase of folder and subfolder sizes, helping anyone to sily see where your storage space is used. Results that TreeSize shows can be finely controlled, all the way down to the last subfolder. What makes TreeSize Free grt is that it works very quickly, with data being calculated in a separate work thrd that is not putting strain on a main program, enabling smooth operation.In addition of just calculating folder sizes, TreeSize Free has a basic Explorer functionality for file and folder management (copy, move, drag & drop), it can rd and apply NTFS comparison, and can calculate sizes of administrative folders (for that you have to start TreeSize Free in administrator mode).

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