Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Fab Virtual Drive Download

Fab Virtual Drive is simple to use and intuitive virtual emulator for and Blu-Ray disc formats. It gives you power to backup, modify and access your library of discs, all within sy to use interface that can be used by both novice and experienced users.
The main strength of Fab Virtual Drive is powerful ftures that are hidden below simple to use interface. By supporting emulation of up to 18 virtual drives and all common backup formats for disc s, you will always have ability to use not only your own disc files but also those that are made with other programs. It is also important to notice that Fab Virtual Drive’s limit of managing 18 simultaneous disc drives is relatively rare for freeware programs. Even its most popular competition such as Daemon Tools Lite gives its users only the ability to manage 4 simultaneous virtual disc drives.
Interface of Fab Virtual Drive is very interesting, opting not to give you dashboard where you can manually select disc s and drag and drop them into list of current virtual drives. Instd, this app integrates itself into shell interface, enabling users to directly from Internet Explorer or any other file explorer control where they want to load their drive s. You can do that either via dropdown menu options, or by simply double clicking on a disc ISO archive file. Fab Virtual Drive has very small CPU footprint, supports nrly 20 languages, and most importantly, it’s absolutely free.
Fab Virtual Drive Ftures: Virtual Drive is a virtual emulator which can emulate a maximum of 18 drives.It can mount both files and Blu-ray files saved on your computer. Those files could be crted by Fab, and also OK by other programs.You can select one language for this appliion from nrly 20 available languages.You can choose whether or not to run Virtual Drive automatically when start up.You can also let it mount the last automatically, and unmount all drives when existing.What's more, you can freely set the of drives from 0 to 18.Supported formats: ISO file, Blu-ray ISO file.

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