Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Cloud System Booster 3.5 Download

Cloud System Booster Free is an innovative system optimization and maintenance utility that uses power of the cloud computing to remove all the signs of system instabilities, signs of age and potential bottlenecks from your -powered PC. By having instant access to your personal computer and operating system directly from your internet browser, you PC will always preform as fast and reliable as it was new, and in some cases even faster when it was new because of optimization techniques that will strmline all performance impacting ars of your OS.Cloud System Booster Free offers wide array of basic and advanced functions that will enable both novice and professional users to maximize performance of their systems. The most important tools of Cloud System Booster are its Smart System Optimizer, Appliion Center, Clner of unneeded files, and Repair Manager. All those tools are available to you in a simple “one click” interface that can be used by anyone. Restore the pk performance of your PC for free with Cloud System Booster.Interface of Cloud System Booster Free requires zero technical knowledge from users, enabling them instant access to main program tools that are represented as incredibly large buttons that no one can mistake for anything else. App is very small, resource light and can be started on any PC that has hardware configuration that can run XP or newer versions of .Powerful Ftures of Cloud System Booster Free:Speed UpCln up system files and optimize PC with local database.ProtectPrivacyCln up browser history, cookies, etc., to protect privacy.Cloud SyncCloud technology applied to synchronously update the database for more efficiency.Auto Updates (Pro)Automatically update to latest optimization database from Anvisoft Cloud server.
App Junk Clner (Pro)Cln out junk files erally by third-party apps as per your needs.
Toolbar Manage (Pro)Help remove any malicious or unwanted toolbar/browser add-on from IE, Firefox & Chrome.
Optimizer (Pro)Optimize system services, network settings and startups to boost PC performance.GB File Remover (Pro)Find GB Files stored on the machine to remove any unwanted file and relse more space.24/7 Technical Support (Pro)Anvisoft Technical Support Tm online provides support for 24 hours in 7 days a week to Cloud System Booster usage. No Limits for Commercial Use.

Latest Version:Cloud System Booster 3.5Requirements: XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8

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