Friday, May 27, 2016

Free AVG Internet Security 2014 Download

AVG Internet Security 2014 is a capable security suite which does a erally very good job of protecting your PC from dangers, both on and offline.
At the program's core is AVG's strong antivirus engine. A little more accurate in this relse, and with significantly reduced scanning times, this monitors every file you access, detecting and removing malware before it can cause any damage.
The suite also includes a firewall, which protects you from network attacks and monitors running programs to make sure malware can't "phone home".
The spam filter is also significantly enhanced. The last edition blocked only 55% of our test junk emails; AVG Internet Security 2014 has raised the detection rate to an impressive 88%.
The suite's 8-style interface is little changed, but simple to use, with the various tiles delivering quick access to the program's various functions and ftures. An Options menu allows you to carry out just about any Internet Security Suite action in just a couple of clicks, and if you're still a little confused then a good local Help file will quickly point you in the right direction.
As with the previous edition, AVG Internet Security only highlights potentially dangerous srch engine results if you install its toolbar, which the setup program will do by default (although if you choose the Custom Installation option then you can change this).
Fortunately, the suite does include other technologies to help keep you safe online. AVG's LinkScanner module vets web pages before they're displayed in the browser, and if something does get through then it'll still be vetted by the antivirus engine, which will detect and remove most dangerous files.
The 2014 relse looks and feels much like previous builds, but it does fture improved malware detection and full 8.1 compatibility, as well as adding two useful new privacy additions to the suite.
If you have any confidential documents then the new Data Safe option allows you to protect them in an encrypted file (click Computer > Crte Your Safe).
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