Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Nero MediaHome 16.0

Nero MediaHome (previously known under the names Nero Free, Nero Express and Nero Lite) is a stripped-down version of the popular multimedia data and disc management suite Nero ing Rom, which still comes with enough ftures that allow the end-user to sily crte, copy, and share music, pictures, s and data files. In this basic package, anyone can sily photos, s, music and data on , and Blu-ray discs, rip music, store it, share it, directly copy unprotected disc on new ones and since its transformation from Nero Lite and Nero Kwik Media to Nero MediaHome use this app for total management of your home media (photos, music and ). Instd of using several apps for organizing you alogue of entertainment, now with this all you can manage everything from one excellently designed interface.
Nero MediaHome is also very much focused on providing media server services, allowing you to send your multimedia library (and even strming stations that are pulled over the internet) over your home network to every compatible DLNA device (home consoles, s, computers and portable devices), with media automatically transd so that it could be rdable by the client devices. During this server mode, Nero MediaHome can also accept commands from distant Remote, and even send data over the internet to distant clients. Multimedia that you share can be collected from multiple directories, and even network drives.
Because of this all-in-one approach, Nero MediaHome truly represents a data, disc and multimedia solution that everyone needs to take a closer look to. Plse be aware that of the true potential of Nero MediaHome can be achieved only with the one-time 5€ purchase of “Nero MediaHome ing” add-on.
Nero MediaHome Ftures:
One-Click CopyingWhether it’s a home of your baby’s first step or a series of clips from your skydiving trip, these are the memories that are worth saving. Make backup copies of your favorite s onto and Blu-ray Disc to watch and relive those unique moments anytime your hrt desires.
One-Click Sync and UploadFrom your digital camera to your Android™ phone or from your PC to tablet, no matter what you’re moving, all it takes is one click. Import, sync and convert your favorite tunes to your Android phone, import photos from your digital camera or watch a on your tablet and never worry if it's in the correct format or not. - With Nero MediaHome.
Mningful LabelsTired of digging through files with incredibly descriptive names like “IMG442.JPG”? Yh, us too. Whether the photos and s on your PC are meticulously aloged or in complete chaos, Nero MediaHome will help you find exactly what you want faster.
Play everythingParty from your mobile phone? Vaion s from your AVCHD digital camera? Or your favorite HD on Blu-ray Disc? You've got digital content from so many places, sometimes it's a hassle to have to format your files before enjoying them—until now. Nero MediaHome Playback gives you the freedom to play it all straight through, no matter where the clip is from or which camera took the photo. We'll dl with the formatting so you can sit back and enjoy. - With Nero MediaHome Playback.

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