Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Daum PotPlayer 1.6.48576 Free

Daum PotPlayer (also known simply as PotPlayer) is an advanced audio and player that is brimming with ftures for detailed control of multimedia reproduction. From detailed customization of the player itself with countless skins, this multimedia app enables everyone to enter into the world of and music on no matter how old or new PC you have. It comes with built-in suite of all the most popular cs, so you don’t even have to install cumbersome 3rd party c packs. Everything be reproduced directly from the app, which is especially attractive to novices who just want to enjoy their multimedia without any delays. Additionally, Daum PotPlayer can work with wide variety of devices (such as cameras, players, digital recorders, analogue and digital ), and hosts incredible amount of customization of its tools and ftures ( color, subtitle, playback settings, audio, and much more).
Main interface of PotPlayer is very simple for use, with very little on screen buttons present, which is perfect for novices. Deeper customization is hidden in a drop down properties menu, which allows incredibly quick navigation to all tools of this grt app, including some that are recommended to be used only by ssoned users who know what they are doing.
All of these ftures would be pointless if they would be placed behind subscription of initial purchase, but fr not. Potplayer and all of its ftures are available for everyone to use for absolutely free, with no restrictions on any aspects of its work.
Daum PotPlayer Ftures:
Ability to play and strm most and audio formatsAbility to play incomplete or damaged AVI files (by skipping the damaged frames)Very fast and lightweightCan remember where the user left off in a board shortcuts for just most tasks, including seeking, volume, zoom, brightness, contrast, and even subtitle resyncingSubtitle support, including SAA and ASS support as well as embedded subtitles in MKV, OGM, MP4, MOV, and 3GP filesFully skinnable, users can choose different skins for different types of files, make the window transparent, hide the window border when playing, and more filters, like deinterlacing, postprocessing, de-noise, and more for customized playbackAudio equalizer and equalizer, that lets users adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and more of the ..

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