Friday, May 27, 2016

Aware Free 7.1 Free Download

Aware Free is a fully ftured utility that gives you power over every aspect of disc ing process - from copying and managing backup discs, to ing all types of , and Blu-Ray discs. It can work with all types of data, digital photos, audio files, s, and can also crte copies, multisession and bootable discs. Is its name suggests, Aware and all of its powerful ftures are 100% free.
Free version of Aware software comes with the full support for working with all types of data discs, all types of music and discs, copying discs, working with bootable discs and managing rewritble discs. There are no limits on how much disc you can make, and you can use this app for as long as you want. However if you want to access more advanced ftures, Premium version that costs ($29.95 for single purchase for 1 PC user) unlocks the ability to copy disc to discs if you have multiple drives, extraction of audio WAV files, and recover unrdable discs. The most expensive Pro version ($39.95 for single purchase for 1 PC user) unlocks recording to multiple drives and ability to use those discs for your own commercial purposes.
Main interface of the app is showcasing sy to identify icon shortcuts that are separated in four egories – Data, Multimedia, Disc s and Utilities. This simple approach makes Aware Free extremely intuitive for both novices and ssoned PC users.
Aware Ftures:, backup or copy your files to , or Blu-ray Discs.Append or update Multisession discs. standard or boot disc s.Crte Bootable or .Crte Audio s.Crte - discs and s/s.Make standard or boot disc s.Copy disc to ISO .Erase and Verify.Aware Benefits:Lowest CPU usage while ing and copyingsiest-to-use, multilingual user interfaceOn-the-fly ingSupports all types of optical drives and discsUses the most fastest and stable ing engineSupports all major audio and disc formatsDoes not require the .NET framework or additional driversSupports 8 and XP/Vista/7 (both 32 and 64-bit)

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